Angry Women 2021

site Annie Abrahams


A multilingual performative improvisation on anger (female anger?) as well as an exercise in being WITH others at a distance mediated by machines. Individual ideas, actions, expressions on and of anger will be woven in a collective unified sound fabric. At the same time the performers create a composite gridded collage of caged individuals. Alone, but not lonely we hope.

With: Alice Lenay, Amaranta Osorio, Anja Borowicz, Christine Develotte, Colette Tron, Emmanuelle Gibello, Eugenia Cano, Joanne Morrison, Karla Ptacek, Mansi Thapliyal, monica de ioanni, Sarah Hart, Shelly Quick, Susie Lamb, Sylvie Roques

In the frame of Bodies:On:Line the Magdalena Online Festival.

 vidéo performance Youtube Madgdalena festival